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Aratta Studios, Alpha Preview: Dialogue
This is an alpha conversation with your father over the phone. It's to show the basic relation you have with your father and stepmother.
This dialogue can will contain grammar and spelling errors as it isn't checked yet.
-Kazuki: Is the main character and the story is told through his perspective.
-Dad and set mother: No explaining needed.
-Text only is narration.
-Text between "" is thoughts of main character.

You call your parents because your Dad told you to keep in contact. You don't really like it but it beats being called and scowled at.
{show image phone}}
Dad: Oh hey son, why the call?
Kazuki: Well, you told me to call so…
Dad: Ah yeah stepmother told me to tell you that you should call us regally.
Dad: You don't have to if your doing it for my sake.
"Glad he's worried about me."
You can hear your stepmother on the background.
Step Mom: Is that Kazuki? Ask him if he's already feeling a bit at home.
Dad: We're doing fine over he
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 1 7
Aratta Studios: Alpha Preview, Characters
The following content is to give a quick preview of the main character and the possible romantic interests. It won't give away much of the plot of each girl and it's only to give a general feeling of the characters that will be featured in Aratta Studios visual novel project.
All the girls are paired with one other and this is for story purposes. Meaning that if you follow the story of one girl, you will also interact a lot with the other girl. Of course they're not the only ones in the story but the main focus will be on two of the girls.
This is an Alpha concept, nothing is certain and changes will most likely be made.
May contain some spelling and grammar errors.
Kazuki Tanaka
Gender: Male
Class: 3-F
Special: Main character, delinquent
Kazuki is a rather down to earth guy and normally quite composted. Yet he's quick to anger and labelled as a trouble child and delinquent. He transferred to Hayash
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 1 0
Alpha description: Erin Takei
This is an alpha description. Nothing is certain and a lot of information is still missing. This is written in order to get a feeling about the character, knowing what drives her and a possible description of what the core part of her story branch will be like.
May contain some spelling and grammar errors.
Name: Erin Takei
Gender: Female
Class: 3-A
Special: 1/4 foreign and rich family
"Pair": Amaya*
Erin's one forth foreigner and her long, slightly curled, blond hair gives away this fact. Her grandmother married her grandfather in the time that the Takei family was still running a small company. But the company flourished and the Takei's are a well know rich family in this age. Erin's father is a wealthy man and owner of several companies who he took over from his now deceased father. Her mother just enjoys her life in luxury and is married into the family with an arranged marriage.
Erin's father is rather strict and is always keeping in mind
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 2 0
Anime Photo Wallpaper by Mangaka-Roach Anime Photo Wallpaper :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 9 3 Guild Wars Winds of Change by Mangaka-Roach Guild Wars Winds of Change :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 23 6 Ganta Deadman Wonderland 2 by Mangaka-Roach Ganta Deadman Wonderland 2 :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 55 0 Ganta Deadman Wonderland 1 by Mangaka-Roach Ganta Deadman Wonderland 1 :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 106 5 Shiro Deadman Wonderland by Mangaka-Roach Shiro Deadman Wonderland :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 229 14 Crow Deadman Wonderland by Mangaka-Roach Crow Deadman Wonderland :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 337 10 My Room by Mangaka-Roach My Room :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 8 9 Dengeki Daisy Wallpaper by Mangaka-Roach Dengeki Daisy Wallpaper :iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 343 33
Kage no Monogatari -Journal-
The journal of a young Ater Elf 400 years prior to the start of the story.
The Golden sun of Twilight became dark red as the sounds of horses tremble across my home town. As demons they came and turned the soil blood red in a blink of an eye. No mercy for the young nor the old as there screams fainted in the nights sky.
There demon eyes showed no emotion as there swords reaped through the incents and closed in towards me. But one grabbed hold of me just before I was to be stricken. The one exhaled one faint scream as we both fell to the ground. A woman lied on top of me. Blood stained my hands as I pushed the lifeless body from my own. A shock ran through my spine as I looked upon the face of my mother. Giving her life to protect her son.
Stunned I looked around as if I saw the Realms of Torment them selves. The ground stained dark red, bodies of the lifeless around me and the houses of my past in a blaze of demonic fire. The demons where gone but there taint remained. In mere secon
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 1 0
Hanako -Basic-
"A happy ending must be earned in blood."
Genres: Action and Drama
Main Male has no name yet so is called MM

Don't let the name fool you (Hanako means Flower Child)  as "A happy ending must be earned in blood." is pretty much the core of this story. It's bloody and realistic story in the fact that it could happen.
It's the year 2015 a 2020 and Japan has fallen into some rough times. Jobs are lost and the general population is unhappy. The main character just living his life, going to school like he always does. But one day things are a bit different as the school as the school gets taken over by a group of armed and despair terrorist. Now MM got a choice wait for death or take his faith in his own hands.
As I said it won't be a soft story. People will die, people will cry and people will get hurt. To give a quick example: Two students will run away after the terrorist invade the school and are both shot in the back by snipers. So that kin
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 3 35
Tsundere no Nikki -Basic-
Aka A diary of a Tsundere, a new story. I haven't got the time to work it out but I think this could become an interest story to write. It will basically be about the life of a Tsundere. Following her through her daily (school) life with of course lots of awkward moments.
The story will be told by the Main Character who writes in her diary, writing down her day and her thoughts. So you get an inside view of a Tsundere's thoughts.
I do wonder if it will work out as a key part of a Tsundere is that she thinks and acts kind of the opposite in many situations. So if I would write down her thoughts  it could conflict with the whole Tsundere idea. And at the same time it's what drives the story. So it will be a challenge.
The genres will be School life, Slice of Life, Humour and Romance. I guess that would suit best. But I can't stress how important Characters are in this kind of story. So it will take a lot of time and effort to completely work out the Characters as well as a fitt
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 2 5
Crystal Flame -Basic-
Under construction
I haven't named all the Characters yet.
Main Characters
Main Male: Kiyoshi Yukimoto
Main Female: Yuuko Chiaka

Main Supporting Characters
Ai Yukimoto
"Kiyoshi's Father"
"Kiyoshi's Mother"

Main Foes
UB (Evil boss No name yet)

First of all I like to say
I can't help it… I'm a person who loves writing a story with pain and struggle. Making the Main Character to feel pain and defeat. Not having some ultra powerful super Saiyan 13 Dude that has ultimate power and can never be defeated (not to insult the DBz Fans as it's a great Anime). No I want them to struggle and barley make it, even losing from time to time.
And this new story as plenty of struggle in it. I tried making a more Main stream Battle Manga, you know like Bleach and FMA aka Action, Adventure, Comedy and some Drama (Not that I'm that great of a writer, but I do hope I one day reach that level).
:iconmangaka-roach:Mangaka-Roach 0 13


Untitled by Mrs-Waffle Untitled :iconmrs-waffle:Mrs-Waffle 3,053 274 Skulltula by Asashi-Kami Skulltula :iconasashi-kami:Asashi-Kami 6,329 826 Practice by krysdecker Practice :iconkrysdecker:krysdecker 3,675 178 Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth by Zolaida Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth :iconzolaida:Zolaida 2,614 261 Mass Effect Oils -Garrus- by SeanDonaldson Mass Effect Oils -Garrus- :iconseandonaldson:SeanDonaldson 2,499 444 .r e. .c h a r g e. by vashperado .r e. .c h a r g e. :iconvashperado:vashperado 15,502 1,097 Forest Queen - Advanced by jameszapata Forest Queen - Advanced :iconjameszapata:jameszapata 4,730 198 Through the Sandstorm by Yuqoi Through the Sandstorm :iconyuqoi:Yuqoi 4,068 157 girl by scary-PANDA girl :iconscary-panda:scary-PANDA 4,066 154 Big Bang in watercolor by agnes-cecile Big Bang in watercolor :iconagnes-cecile:agnes-cecile 8,453 185 Haunted Arkham Asylum by ArtistAbe Haunted Arkham Asylum :iconartistabe:ArtistAbe 8,986 574 [64] Untitled Oil On Canvas 130 X 162 Cm 2013 by ShinKwangHo [64] Untitled Oil On Canvas 130 X 162 Cm 2013 :iconshinkwangho:ShinKwangHo 476 62 Angel by wlop Angel :iconwlop:wlop 24,284 668 Over the Sky by Nendil Over the Sky :iconnendil:Nendil 2,082 243 Cannot grab in a hand by hira-geco Cannot grab in a hand :iconhira-geco:hira-geco 8,965 392


(Last updated 02-05-'12)
I never really update my journal but I'm on DevART about once a month now.

Note: I'm currently to busy to take on another project

I've decided to go all out with a visual novel project.
So I joined Aratta Studios a newly created, international, amateur studio that is focused on creating Visual Novels. It will however be some time until we'll begin promoting the studio and visual novel as I still need to finish the basic plots, characters and so on. I've also got Manga projects which I haven't forgotten about.

Go to the website of Aratta Studios for more information about the studio and visual novel:

Manga Projects
-I'm currently working together with MoruganKodi, creating the story for his Manga. Chapter 1 is currently being drawn.

-The story for Eldin-Vortex is in it's alpha phase.

-The Manga which I'm creating together with CLICKerror is in the drawing phase.

-The basic story ideas are done for the second manga with CLICKerror.

-The manga I'm creating together with Zendar13 is currently on hold as Zendar isn't able to properly upload art at the moment.

Contact and Info
Best to just write a comment or send a note on DevART
-DevART (Doh)
-My Anime List
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
  • Watching: Sakamichi no Apollon
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo
  • Eating: Your soul!
  • Drinking: Water I guess


Mangaka-Roach's Profile Picture
Roach aka Sander (&#x30B5;&#x30F3;&#x30C0;) (Story writer, script writer, character creator)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I tend to forget to update this
Currently working on 4 Manga project/projects and 1 game.
Currently 1 other story/stories in negotiation.
Currently having 15 basic story/stories (No scripts just basic story)
Currently having 36 Story ideas on hold (And a lot more concepts)
Currently writing 2 script/scripts.

Looking for an Artist!
Or better said, Looking for a Mangaka to create a Manga with. (or if wanted: multiple Manga's).

Who am I?
I’m a story creator and I’m looking for artists to create a Manga with. In other words: working together to turn the stories I created into a Manga. Currently I’m busy with creating multiple Manga stories and I’ve put a bigger Manga aka My life’s work on hold in order to first forge my story creating skills.

I deliberately said here that I’m a story creator instead of writer, as I have Dyslexia and will never be able to write a good book. Therefore I write stories for Manga’s rather than for books. (And I’m a HUGE fan of Anime and Manga of course)

What am I looking for?
I’m looking for a artist who is able to draw on a certain level and is committed to work on the Manga (No quitters). The idea is to work together and share thoughts. I like to work with the artists strengths and work together to over come the artists weaknesses. So we both learn and become more skilled but not forced to create something the other hates. (Simple example: If the artist hates to draw beasts, I won't create a story with a lot of beast. Yet I can slip in a panel with an animal in order for the artist to train is skills)

There are three ways
- The artist can draw a Manga of one of my exciting stories.
- I can create a new one. (This is preferred as it’s a learning experience and more teamwork with the artist).
- I will also work with the stories of the artist. (No guarantees though)

Don’t get me wrong! I am most certainly not look to mass produce Manga’s or what ever. I’m just looking for a way to create more stories. I won’t work at too many Manga’s at the same time. (At most 5 I think, but need to see how it goes) There's a lot of room and time after the story and script are done and given to the artist. But I’m always looking for quality and enjoyable stories. So just that you know.

Dutch Doujinshi Circle
Also I'm looking to start a Doujinshi Circle but I'm basically looking for people in my own country for this. This is because I want to have meetings and work on a more personal level.

Sum up
- Looking for artist to draw Manga’s with.
- Looking for people who need a story.
- Looking for Dutch artist for a Doujinshi Circle.

- No half hearted people who quit half way.
- Needs to be able to draw with some quality.
(You may be able to draw far better than I ever can but it needs to have some level) But know this! If I turn you down it's not because you suck! It's because it's just isn't the level I'm looking for.
- Have a voice: It would be nice to hear what the artist thinks and wants.
- If your in need of a certain story than give me info like: Genres, where you want it to go, maybe a basic plot and so on. (No guarantees though)

Genres I like to write
-Slice of Life
I prefer Shoujo over Shounen, but don't limit myself to one.

Genres I don't do
-Yaoi and Yuri
Don't mind Shoujo Ai as long as it's focused on the romance
-Fanfics (Except one bleach story which I already wrote but almost none of the original characters will be in it)

Please contact me for info, requests and questions.

Ty for your time.

Current Residence: Holland.
Favourite genre of music: (Symphonic Gothic) Metal, Rock, Hard Rock and lots of Softer stuff too like Anime music and stuff :P
Favourite style of art: Manga / Anime more realistic style (FMA, Amagami, DRRR!!, Bakuman, Berserk)
Favourite cartoon character: Ryuuji Takasu, Edward Elric, Chika Ogiue, Taiga Aisaka, Alphonse Elric, Tomoya Okazaki, Guts
Favourite Quote:We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget. United as one, Divided by Zero. Expect us, for we are many.
Personal Quote: It doesn't need to make sense, as long as it has it's place.
In stories, things doesn't need to make sense. As long as it has it's place in the world you've created.


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I did email an Application in before Xmas but I've not heard back.
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Yeah, VN = Visual Novel. I started a Amateur studio and have currently 20 people working on it :P
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